Wednesday 10 February 2016

Friday 4 December 2015

Project VOTE is now oficially over

    We have finished all our reports and now we can say that Voice of teenagers in Europe is successfully finished. Thank you very much who participated. We had lots of fun and hope that you learned plenty of useful in Estonia. We hope that we meet someday. :)

    Throwback to autumn in pictures

    Friday 6 November 2015

    Article in the Newspaper

      This article was published in Pärnu Postimees - local newspaper of the Pärnu County on October 7 2015. The journalist of this article is Silvia Paluoja.

      Kirjatark - This article was published in Kilingi-Nõmme Gymnasium's schoolpaper called "Kirjatark" in October 2015

      Saarde Sõnumid - This article was published in Saarde Parish local newspaper "Saarde Sõnumid" in 28 September 2015. The Journalist of this article is Kalle Kiipus

      Tuesday 3 November 2015


        We are glad to say that our: estonians, greeks and czechs main goal is done and ready to share with you too. This is our manifest, where we are written our solutions to political problems. Have a nice read!

        Monday 2 November 2015


          Cloud - 30. september
          Best things while we were at Tallinn
          • Happiness of Ly, when she met her past student
          • City centre evening
          • TV-Tower
          • View from TV-Tower
          • TV-Tower
          • Parliament
          • Movie Theatre with friends
          • Shaked my hand with Jüri Ratas
          • Visiting Greek Embassy
          • TV-Tower and Greek Embassy
          • Greek Embassy
          • Spare Time Activities
          • Sleeping president’s guard
          • Bus driving
          • Guards at Presidental palace
          • Greek Embassy
          • Capital of Estonia
          • Visiting Greek Embassy
          • TV-Tower
          • Lots of food
          • Parliament
          • Archidecture of new City
          • Cinema
          • EVERYTHING
          • City Centre, TV-Tower, Dinner

          All three flags - 29. september
          Good things about every country:
          • Good english speakers
          • courageous
          • really nice people
          • food
          • polka(dance)
          • everyone are so friendly
          • great time
          • estonians are really handsome and pretty
          • greecs are really cosy
          • czechs are awesome
          • Friendly people
          • dances
          • friends
          • Greecs are nice
          • Estonians arehardworking
          • Czech people are just awesome
          • great time
          • great national dance
          • cute people
          • sauna
          • friendliness
          • Black bread
          • syrtaki
          • active
          • funny
          • cool people
          • Estonian tasty chocolate
          • beautyful beach
          • friendly people (Czech)
          • Estonians are friendly
          • Czech are communicative
          • Greecs are active
          • Czechs are fun
          • greecs have very good food
          • Estonians are super friendly
          • Czechs are very interesting people
          • Greecs are enjoyable persons
          • I love estonians
          • Greecs are just great
          • Estonian dance
          • Czech music
          • Greec people are helpful
          • Estonians are cool
          • Czechs are active
          • Greecs are the best
          • Estonian are very hospitality
          • Czechs are very friendly
          • Greecs are polite and Cheerful
          • Czechs are cute
          • Greecs are good dancers
          • Estonian potatoes
          • Czechs are really trying
          • Estonian beautifyl woman

             Bottles - 28.september
          Differences between countries:
          • School
          • Locatiom
          • Landscape
          • Atitudes
          • Food
          • Music
          • Language
          • Culture
          • Disc Golf
          • Owerall speed
          • Socialicing
          • Eeating time (habits)
          • Punctuality
          • Tratitions
          • Political differences/problems
          • Lazyness
          • CR doesn’t have sea
          • Sports
          • Different geografical places
          • Estonians love to sing
          • Estonians love sauna, others not so much
          • Patience
          • Punctuality
          • Temperature
          • Countryside
          • Attitude
          • Mentality
          • Drinks (kama)
          Sauna - 27.september
          Things, what you have enjoyed the most
          while staying in Kilingi-Nõmme:
          • Political Theatre
          • Discgolf
          • Moorland
          • Trip  to the lake
          • International night
          • Watching horror movie
          • Free time and socialising
          • Presentation of the countries
          • Auris in the boat
          • Beach and nature center
          • Lakeland fullmoon
          • Kilingi-Nõmme Gymnasium
          • Three schoolhouse run
          • Visiting mayor
          • Gottage and bog
          • Kabli watchtower
          • Visiting Häädemeest
          • Warming up before political theatre
          • Ice-breaking games
          • Having new friends
          • Hard work on the manifest
          • Beautiful atmosphere in Estonia

          Bubbles - 26.september
          What did you learned about today:
          • Every person is defferent and we have to take him/her like he/she is
          • Opportunity to get closer with more people from other countries, to cooperate with them during these creative and full with fun and imagination activities.
          • I really enjoyed the whole day, but I am so tired, so I don't have any other item.
          • Any kind of sport can put people closer and together
          • English getting better every day
          • Everything is getting better every day
          • Run 5 km in 21 minute :D
          • Encouring foreign visitors
          • Work is important for the better results
          • Drama is relly good ice breaking activity
          • Sleeping is important
          • Nice girls in the group help a lot
          • Teamwork
          • Self-Confidence
          • English
          • Speaking
          • Communication
          • Honesty
          • Responsibility
          • Acting
          • Group work
          • Cooperation
          • To came in contact with ohter people
          • Express myselfe
          • Respect
          • Entertaining
          • Theatre
          • Listening
          • Honesty

          Hands - 25.eptember
          Good things what happened durning the day:
          • Different coultures
          • interesting
          • learn something new
          • dancing
          • funny Czech words
          • politics,manifest
          • Tolkuse
          • great
          • teachable
          • a lot of fantastic people
          • local food
          • magic mushrooms
          • friends
          • singing in bus
          • presents
          • interesting food
          • nice people
          • natuure
          • funny days
          • walk
          • birds
          • International evening
          • lots of infotmation
          • wise thoughts
          • intelligence students
          • A real nice company
          • eating
          • exploring
          • work and fun
          • joy
          • laugh
          • communication
          • friendship
          • sea
          • forests
          • New words:kaks,aitäh,tere,terehommikust
          • broken skateboard
          • politics
          • cool
          • beach
          • cooperating
          • evening
          • perfect
          • happy
          • learn
          • borš
          • skating
          • potatoes
          • water
          • the EU
          • Greece and Czech culture
          • information about immigrants
          • Estonian facilities
          • teamwork
          • environment
          • trip
          • syrtaki
          • good bread from Estonia
          • lot of activities
          • kama
          • loykoymi (sweets from Greece)

          Sunny hope - 24. october

          • Cooperating
          • New knowledge
          • Good activities
          • Tolerance
          • The best days ever
          • I hope that students learn more about Estonia and Greece and find new friends. I hope that they will more think more about political topics.
          • I hope that these days will be very creative and i have fun. I want to leave from here with many good memories.
          • I hope to learn a lot of things about your country and have fun.
          • I hope that i will improve my English and that i will find out something about Estonia, greece and something new about me.
          • I hope that we learn more language. I hope that we have a lot of friends.
          • I hope that we have lots of fun and get new knoeledge, lots of friends, new facts about countries.
          • I hope we will improve International friendship. I also hope we will do a lot of funny things.
          • I hope to learn diferent things about your countries have fun and we do sports in the evenings.
          • I hope that we all will get to know each ohter. I hope that the manifest ever! And i expect that this
          • Project will give us a good experience for future life.
          • To enjoy the program and to spend days with fun. To know us better.
          • I hope to learn things for yours countries and have fun.
          • I hope that we meet ineresting people. I hope that we get to know each ohter better.
          • I hope to have fun and communicate with them.
          • To have fun, enjoy being here, learn from each others and collecting experiences!!!
          • I hope the coming days be fun, creative and interesting activities. Also i hope to learn as much as i can for your country and you!
          • I hope we will work as a team. I would appricate nott o be in free countries but as one body. Teenagers in Europe.
          • I hope we will have fun all together and we will learn some things about the ohter countries too. Also i expect that we are going to do a lot of activities
          • I hope tht we have new friends in diferent cultures. I hope that we will get a better knowledge about politics.
          • I hope that I get some new friends and accumulate information from different source so I can look on.
          • International problems differently. I’d like to have lots of fun and make such manifest that could actually make a difference in all three countries.

          I hope that…

          * All activities will be effective, useful and intresting.
          * Active participating
          * Good mood and lots of laughing
          * All of us can enjoy the Project and will do that
          *I hope that we can find some solutions to our political problems and get along better.
          *I hope that my English is getting better.
          *I expect to have even more fun while disscusing political issues.
          *I hope to find the next days more people in the strelets up to eleven o’clock. And become friends with the students from ohter nations, to get know each ohter and finally to have fun.
          *I hope that everyone will get along with each ohter. Also I hope that I could get better knowledge of Politics.
          *Getting along with all the people involved in the Project
          * Further exploring of the wonderful country of Estonia
          *I want get know each ohter and I’m looking forward to see the rest of Estonia (Tallinn)
          *More meals, becouse three meals are not enough, I expect a lots of fun, conversations and I would like to play some sports
          *I hope we’ll have an oppurtunity to make some new friendships, get to know different cultures, discuss some politicsproblems and have fun :D
          *I’d like to be more outside and I’s play some sports or do some psyhical activity.